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The place to learn and develop your skills so you can teach and support children’s development in area of language, communication, social, behaviour through Lego® based Therapy.

Play and Learn - Fun with Bricks

How to teach language, communication and social skills through simple activities using principles of Lego® based Therapy.
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Brick by Brick Academy Lego-based Therapy Training

This cool Lego based Therapy will change your whole school/setting special needs provision forever! 
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What people are saying about my training:

We had Bea come to our school today to deliver Lego Therapy training to the staff and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Bea was really knowledgeable about her field of work and her passion and enthusiasm really showed that! Training can be really tedious and often samey but Bea made it interesting by making it interactive! Highly recommend!
Jessica Elizabeth
I attended Beas Lego therapy training in Birmingham today! I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to get started in my school! It is such a simple idea that could have so many positive outcomes for the children I work with including teaching children how to regulate their own emotions and behaviour, come to terms with the sense of loss or disappointment, improved language and communication skills, and coping with transitions! Not to mention it’s FUN!! ☺️
Kelly Samantha
the training provided brings Lego Based Therapy alive. It is a valuable tool for helping and supporting children with a variety of needs. the training was professional, fun and insightful
Laura Alker